4 reasons why Photographs would add glamour to your home!


Every house women faces one challenge when it comes to home Décor. How to add WOW factor to home especially when it comes to wall art because paintings are expensive and nothing else seems to be around. Here are four reasons how photographs can add that Wow factor and a lot of glamour to your home.

1.    Photographs are contemporary. No matter what the theme of your home, photographs do add a contemporary touch. If you have an Indian theme, look for photographs that depict Rustic-ness of India. If you have western theme at home, go for the abstract yet colourful photographs.

2.    Photographs for home décor is unique: The concept of photography for home décor is a well-established concept in West and in India too it is catching up fast. So if you are a trendsetter, add a photograph for your living room!

3.    Add a dash of colour: Today, technology has advanced so much that today’s camera’s capture colour beautifully and in their full glory. Don’t trust us? Check out some of the photographs on this website http://dahuez.com/products

4.    Photographs are not that expensive: Yes you got it right. They are not expensive. Most people percieve photographs to be an expensive proposition because of the classiness attached to them. Actually they are not that expensive.


Though one challenge remains. From where to source good photographs specifically for home décor? Not all photographs are meant to be for home. Trust us on this but once you realise how a photograph can transform your home, you won’t stop at just one. So Happy re-decorating your walls.